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5 posts!


In the early days, the ‘what if’s’ torment us as much as the event itself. We think, rethink, and over think. What if there was some small thing we could have done different that would have changed the out come. It is common now, for us to play this game. But to do so will only make our grief deeper if that is possible. We held in our hands the ability to prevent something and did nothing? Is…

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Loss and the Step-parent

Loss and the Step-parent

The heart holds a great capacity for love. It does not love just one at a time and becomes full. It never fills up, no matter how much love grows there. The loss of a child, for a step-parent is just as deep as it is for a natural parent. We don’t realize this and are not deliberately cruel in it either. The wrong thought is to think that because they are not blood, they could not possibly hurt…

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The Coin of Grief

The Coin of Grief

Grief is a word that cannot be explained, only felt. We try, over and over again to tell others who have not been here what it is like. How we’ve changed, the world has changed, everything has changed. They do not comprehend the all consuming emotions that have us in it’s grip. They do not understand that grief trumps all, takes over ones life no matter how hard we fight it. We get upset and…

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End of Innocence

This year has brought and end to innocence. I spent my life thinking that if I treated others good, they would do the same. Sure, there were drawbacks on that. You just can’t please everyone. It did not stop me from trying. If my personal thoughts of someone was less than good, I pretty much kept those thoughts to myself. I did not like hurting anyone’s feelings, even if they were shit-heads.…

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I Died for a Dream

I died for a dream tonight

yes this is true.

I died for a dream tonight

a dream of you.

I saw you in battle

sword raised in hand,

I heard your glad welcome

as you took your stand.

Many had fallen

they fought by your side,

the emeny had fled

with no where to hide.

Bloodied but not beaten

you raised your war cry,

Tears were in your eyes

but I did not know why.

You stood with head bowed

to the many who bled,

You put a survivors cross

on each ones head.

Even tho you had won

you felt the horror,

There is no winner

when comes to war.

I died for a dream tonight

yes this is true,

When the smoke cleared

no one was left but you.